Midori Kensetu’s activities

In addition to providing education and foreign staffing services for international students and laborers, the school also engages in many extracurricular activities. 

Creating connections with students’ families

The students we send to the center are well educated and well cared for. Most of them want to study abroad or work in Korea after they graduate, so we hold information sessions to meet their families and explain everything in detail. We also explain Korean laws and what they need to do when they go to Korea, and give them opinions and advice for their future. Midori Kensetu and laborer acquisition, together with the Korean company, we promise to always be by their side and help them immediately whenever they need. We promise that there will be quick and reasonable ways to solve any situation.

For a meaningful administration in Korea to be successful, it will require not only the students’ efforts and faith, but also the understanding and support of their friends and family. Thus, we hold events where they will meet their families at least once before they leave the country.

Send greetings and congratulations to student’s family.

At our training center, there are many students between the ages of 18 and 30, including both married and single ones who are working hard every day to receive education and training to go to Korea. The fact is that there will be many situation of happiness or suffering that happen in the process of education and work. On behalf of students studying and working in Korea, Midori Kensetu visits and encourages their families to give them partial peace of mind while their family members are abroad.

▲These two photos were taken when we visited a student’s child in the hospital with our staff and some representative students.